Saturday, March 31, 2012

In Memory of Paul::bracelet::

So lately I've been searching for a custom made bracelet for my cousin, Paul Rivera, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on October 22, 2011. Him and I had a very special bond. We were more like a brother and sister. I miss him tremendously but I know He is in very good hands. ;) He is our "Angel in the Sky."

I will write more about him on my blog a little later this week or next.

Here I leave you my birthday gift to me to always remember him more! :)

Miss you cousin...

If you would like to check out who made it for me here are a few links:

I found her on Etsy
and she is also on Facebook
and she also has a blog ;)

Thank you Desiree Castro from Mano y Metal! You ROCK ;)

Have a blessed Saturday!


  1. I am soooo happy that you chose Mano y Metal to create this very special and important custom piece for you! I am honored. Paul has a beautiful smile-- he is indeed an angel in the sky. <3 <3


    1. Thank you Des! Means so much to me ;) Yes his smile was beautiful and he was very handsome! {giggles}

      <3 to ya! You got a friend in me ;)


In Memory of my cousin, Paul


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