Monday, March 26, 2012

Amanda & Noah

In March of 2008 after I miscarried I found a website called Cafemom (a meeting place online for moms). Cafemom was a site where I was able to chat with other moms that had also endured a miscarriage, stillborn birth, etc... I connected to so many women especially on the Christian women groups. I met a few older women in a group called Stepping Stones and they were huge prayer warriors thru out my grieving process.

Amanda and I met on Cafemom in June of 2008 on a Christian Miscarriage group. I came to find out after we exchanged each others stories that we both went thru a miscarriage the same week. Mine was the 22nd of March and hers was the 26th. I named my angel Nehemiah and she named hers Noah. God knew that He would help each other in our grieving process even if it was online. We have so much in common it's just all from God! :) Amanda and I have became very close over the past 4 years. We actually have met IRL (In Real Life) for Elanie's Baby Shower back in 2010. Her and her family came for a weekend and spent it with us! It was so awesome. ;)

Alot of Amanda's writings to me during the grieving process were many but here are 2 that really helped me:

"about God and his love for me"
"The Lord led me here to have a friend in you."


I know the heartache that still lingers in our hearts but of course we both know our angels are flying high in Heaven with our Savior. What better way than to live here on earth?! Just makes Heaven even better and brighter... I can't wait to reunite in Heaven with our angels. I hope that you feel comfort and peace knowing that our angels are in no pain. I know Noah & Nehemiah are the bestest friends just like you and I and they are both telling each other "look at your mommy and my mommy, they are best friends like you and I" (awwww) Well bestie you know I am here for you even though we are miles away but with our texts and "long" emails we can get thru ANYTHING with His help from above! Look were we are now.... Only with His guiding hand...

Love you,

If you would like to follow Amanda's blog go here ;)


  1. Oh sweet! I love it! I love you and of course love Our Savior who had His hand on us from the beginning and knew we'd connect. Thank you for always praying for me and for always remembering my angel.
    ~Nehemiah & Noah = Best Friends in Heaven~


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