Saturday, January 18, 2014



Well I thought it was about time to share something that has been on my heart for awhile now.  I did a 6ish day of fasting & praying that ended today and I can really say that I saw breakthrough. Now just because I say I just ended the fasting & praying, I actually will keep away from FB/Instagram for the next few weeks.

I find that FB/Instagram keep me plugged to my laptop/cell phone  These past 6 days I've found myself playing with Elanie more and relaxing on the couch with hubby after dinner till it's time to put Elanie to bed.  I found myself before this fast & praying on my laptop/cell phone all day long browsing thru FB and not getting any chores done, not paying attention to Elanie, dinner being a bit later than expected, and just feeling blah.  I get consumed really easy and get too plugged into all types of social media.

I've also noticed TIME! I have time to read the Bible, read Christian books, sit and write in my journal, draw in my journal, praying for others during my prayer time and not rushing thru my prayers, cleaning, and just enjoying the TIME.

The other day I was searching on Pinterest and I noticed a link to "A Cranky Wife." WHOA! It was like it read "This is for Melanie Rodriguez." {lol} I know we aren't perfect as wives, mothers, etc... {I am being raw and open here} My heart has been wanting to spill these words out on here for some months now. Just never knew how to express it till now. There is always a time for everything right?! I know I am not the only one, but why is it that we feel we are the only ones? Well cause in the moment we beat ourselves up and try and control our circumstances when truly there is a Father who cares and already  knows our hearts.  That's when we need to call out to our Abba Father! When we are feeling that crankiness, when we are feeling that we are the only ones going thru a tough time, when you feel like your the worst wife or parent. We can NOT beat ourselves up.

For a few months now, Elanie has been asking me a question that every time she asks me I cringe. Her question to me when I am upset {which is usually when I am cranky or when she tests me}is "Mommy are you happy, sad, or mad?"  Of course what I want to answer to her is a soap box but poor thing she is only 3-years-old.  Yes only 3! How does a 3-year-old know when her mommy is upset? Just by her asking me that shows me that I am always being cranky.  This brings me back to being on my laptop/cell phone all day.  When I am on my social media I don't want to be bothered.  Well when you have a 3-year-old you better pay attention. So with these past 6 days I have learned what is more important.  I can actually say I don't even miss FB/Instagram.

Fasting & praying is not easy guys! My coffee was my main fast. It was hard because the mornings are chilly and who doesn't want a nice cup of coffee/tea?!

Here I leave you with some pictures of my baby girl that I am so proud of. I want to raise her to not be cranky, upset, or sad. I want her to learn how to become a woman of God and press forward in life and not let circumstances get the best of her.  I received some BREAKTHROUGH and still receiving anything and everything God wants me to see! 

Love ya'll,

 {it's fun learning how to use my new camera ;}


  1. Love it sister! Keep up the good work! God is going to reveal so much more and what a blessing it is! I love you!

    1. Thank you Seester! Yes He is and my heart is ready to receive more breakthrough! Love you and thanks for encouraging me thru my time of fasting & prayer. <3


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