Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reality has hit...

Today as we were driving to church, hubby and I started talking about dates and when and where once November comes around for retirement. I was like uh oh reality is finally hitting us. No jobs, no home to call ours, putting everything in storage, and just the what if's began. During church service I was reminded that I need to take the shield of faith. If I don't have faith in my Father then nothing will go right. He pin pointed on "tithing" and tithing is huge for me because I believe in it and know that He will bless us when we give our tithe. If we don't tithe then we don't have faith. That was where the ah hah moment came to me. If I don't believe in His Word then where is my faith.

Am I truly His child? Yes I am. Then why don't I do what the Word says? Well because at times I am not in his Word and I am letting the enemy get the best of me. The enemy will try and get the best of us during this period of a huge transition in our lives.

It's time to buckle down and strap on my sheild and walk in faith and not by sight.

Today's sermon really has me on fire to pray for many things and see the Lord do His glorious work in my family.

Enemy step aside.... WE got this!!!!

It Is Well With My Soul,

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